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    Fukushima 'upgraded on nuclear accident scale'
    PARIS — The accident at Japan's Fukushima plant now rates six on a seven-point international scale of gravity for nuclear accidents, the head of France's Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) said Tuesday. The 1979 accident at Three Mile Island in ...
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    New Scientist investigates the health risks associated with nuclear power plant explosions Apart from the damage caused by fires and explosions, accidents also release radioactive materials which can cause radiation sickness. Radiation exposure above a ...
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    Nuclear power plant accidents: listed and ranked since 1952The Guardian (blog)
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    Accidents Near 152 Highway Troubling To Police
    KMBC Kansas City
    "Working with key stakeholders will help us identify the root causes of the high number of accidents." The task force, comprised of the Missouri Department of Transportation, the city's traffic division, Liberty and Kansas City police and members of ...
    Police task force to discuss busy, crash-prone Northland intersectionKansas City Star
    Police Team With Community To Make 152 Highway SaferKCTV Kansas City

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    Girl, 9, killed in ATV accident near Lake Texoma
    MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - A day of fun at the lake ended tragically yesterday when a child was killed and another was injured in an ATV accident. The accident happened yesterday afternoon 6 miles south of Kingston near Lake Texoma. A nine-year-old girl was ...
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    10 Killed, 41 Injured from Car Accident in Kashmir
    The accident took place at Choka Nallah-Chenani in Udhampur district, about 125 km north of Jammu city, the winter capital of Indian-controlled Kashmir. Locals rushed to the spot soon after the accident happened, to carry out rescue work. ...

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    Spain Fin Min: No New Govt Decision On Nuclear Power After Japan
    Wall Street Journal
    BRUSSELS (Dow Jones)--Spain hasn't taken any new decision regarding nuclear energy after the accidents in Japan and a decision Monday by Germany to defer for three months a life-span extension for its nuclear power plants, Spanish Finance Minister ...
    Spain: No changes to nuclear policy for now despite Japan scareMonsters and

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    Deadly Tour Bus Crash Spotlights Driver Fatigue, Regulatory Concerns
    The agency's records listed World Wide Travel as having at least two other accidents in which people were injured in the past 24 months. The National Transportation Safety Board, the federal agency investigating the crash, said on Sunday that it had ...
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    Fears That 80mph Speed Limit Could Cause More Road Traffic Accidents
    Injuries Direct News
    Recent proposals by the Government, suggesting that the national speed limit should be raised to 80mph on Britain's motorways, has led to fears that this could lead to an increase in road traffic accidents. Ministers are debating the economic benefits ...
    Increasing speed limit to 80mph will 'increase casualties'Autoblog UK (blog)

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    Fleet solutions news: False car accident claims on the rise
    Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions
    The number of pre-meditated car accidents taking place in the UK is rising, which is driving up the price of insurance for motorists and fleet solutions customers. This is according to a report, titled The Cost of Motor Insurance, published by the ...
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    How to Prevent Accidents and Head Injuries on the Ski Hill
    Ontario Personal Injury Law Firm Provides a Ski and Snowboard Safety Tips Guide. Head injury, spinal cord injury and brain injury can be prevented by wearing a helmet while engaging in winter sports. Find helpful information about how to prevent ski ...

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